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2009 babies

for women expecting a baby in 2009

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Welcome to 2009babies !!!

If you are expecting in 2009, please join this community. The community is automatically set up to post all entries as 'friends only' so you won't see any entries unless you are a member here.

After you join, take a minute to introduce yourself by filling out this survey.

Intro Survey:

1. Name or nickname?
2. Age/location/marital status/any other personal info you'd like to share:
3. Date you are expecting?
4. First baby or second or third etc?
5. What are your thoughts about being pregnant and/or becoming a mom?
6. What things are you looking forward to after the birth?
7. One things we should know about you?
8. Any other things about your situation or yourself that you'd like to share?

Feel free to share your latest news and events, ask for advice, give advice, or just cheer others on. Hopefully we can get to know each other well, and share the experience of becoming a mom or becoming a mom again to a new little boy or a new little girl. I have made this a friends-only community, and all posts are automatically configured to be friends-only. You won't see any entries until you join, therefore.

This community has a few rules:

  1. Be respectful towards other users. If you disagree with someone else's opinions or decision, you may express your own opinion, but please do it with kindness and respect.
  2. This community is about pregnancy, so there's no such thing as "too much information". Jump in and share all the details & there's no need to be shy.
  3. No profanity
  4. No spam without moderator approval prior
  5. Please post photos and text longer than 500 words under a LJ-CUT

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Recommended communities:

If you are not pregnant, please do not post here. Try out amipregnant if you're not sure and try making_babies if you're trying to get pregnant